Zomato Premier League 2023| Predict & Win Free BitCoins, Zomato Credits

Hello Friends, welcome back to your favorite website where you can get updates on the latest offers. As all know Indian Premier League 2023 is at its peak. With the introduction of IPL, their many offers are running on the internet market. Today, I am talking about one of the Zomato offers, you have a chance to get a free 1 Bitcoin and so many exclusive rewards in the form of a Scratch card. Users can have a chance to get two scratch cards one is Zomato Exclusive scratch card and the other is Zomato extra exclusive scratch card. Actually, ZPL is running a Predict and Win Offer during this IPL 2023 season. Dear Users, you just have to predict the winner of Today’s matches and if you successfully predict the winning team then you will get a Zomato Scratch card. Moreover, you have to select the winning team that you think will win in this IPL 2023. And then you need to invite more fans for your team. On every invite, you will get Zomato credits on your account. And by scratching the card you will be able to get the exclusive rewards.

To redeem rewards and get 100% surety of a scratch card you just have to read this article till the end. Stay tuned with FreeKTricks for more related offers.

ZPL Predict And Win Offer Reward Section

Have a look at the rewards section of the Zomato Premier League which you can get by predicting the winner of IPL matches!

  1. 1 BitCoins as exclusive scratch card
  2. Highly discount voucher on Food
  3. Zomato Up to 3000 credits
  4. Zomato voucher codes

Zomato Predict & Win Offer| How To Get Loot Rewards

Step 1: Download the Zomato App from the Play store

Step 2: Enter your mobile number and verify it via OTP

Step 3: You can update the app to the latest version if you already have Zomato App

Step 4: On the dashboard, you can see the ‘ZPL’ section at the bottom center of the app

Step 5: Go to the ‘Your Zone’ section, you just have to predict the winner of today’s match and then click on ‘Confirm’

Step 6: Keep in mind, made a prediction of the winning team before the match starts

Step 7: When your team win the matches you will get exclusive rewards after the match

Step 8: Enjoy Zomato loot rewards

Invite More Fans for Your Team & Get Zomato Rs.3000 Credits

Step 1: Open the ‘ZPL’ section, there go to the Fan Zone section

Step 2: Just predict the winner of IPL 2023

Step 3: You need to invite more fans to your team, for that you need to share an invitation link

Step 4: When anyone votes for the teams using your invitation link, you will get Zomato Credits

Step 5: You just have to share more and more invites and earn loot Zomato credits

Step 6: Use Zomato credits while online food order at Zomato

How To Check And Use Zomato Credits

Step 1: On the Homepage of the Zomato App, click on the setting option ‘Pizza slice icon’

Step 2: Then, make a click on the ‘Payment’ button

Step 3: Scroll down to the end and there you can able to see your total Zomato credits

Step 4: Now, make an order online at a selected restaurant

Step 5: Now, Zoato credits will automatically add and reduce the price of the order

Step 6: You can add Zomato credits manually to reduce the cart value

Step 7: Complete the payment and enjoy your order!

Final Lines

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