[Roblox] Soul War Codes – All Update January 2023

Are you guys looking for the latest Soul War Code? Then you are in the right place. Here you will find the working list of codes for soul war. All soul War codes are in working condition, Roblox Soul Wars Codes

These redemption codes for soul war are provided by the developer of the game. After applying soul war codes you can enjoy many rewards in the game which are generally paid but will be available without any charges.

The soul war game was published by the Bleach Project 2. Soul war is a nightmare theme-based anime fighting game on Roblox. In the game, you can customize your character and fight with your enemies.

Scroll down the page and you will find the latest soul war code, these codes will help you to play like a proficient player. Stay tuned with FreeKTricks for such Gaming Promo Codes & Offers.

About the Roblox Soul War Game

Soul war is an anime fighting game published by the Bleach Project 2. In soul war, the fighting style, hunting the monster and taking hold of exciting new rewards. When you cross a level, your character gets stronger by doing some advancement in your character. In the game, if anybody wants to reset the characters and stats it is possible by spending tens.

These yens are a reward that a player gets at every win or use soul war Roblox codes to get free yens in the game. If you want to have fun and enjoy fighting tournaments then soul war is just for you only. By using redemption codes in soul war, you will experience another level of gaming.

How to Avail New Soul Wars Codes?

Redeeming soul war codes will help you to enjoy exhilarating many rewards. If you don’t know how to avail of redemption codes in soul war then follow some simple steps and enjoy the rewards. The steps are given below in the article, which will help you to available rewards. Steps are :

Step 1: Open the game on your device

Step 2: Click on the black slash (/) button on your keyboard or click on the microphone icon in the top left
corner of the screen. This will open the chat box.

Step 3: In the chat box, copy the code from the list and enter the redemption code.

Step 4: Click on the submit button and enjoy your reward.

Without wasting any time use all soul war codes and claim you’re exciting rewards waiting for you exclusively. Currently, all the codes are working there is no specific time provided by the developer that these codes will work. Claim your reward before the codes get expired.

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[Releaseed] Soul War Codes Update List


Finally Here is the list of active soul war codes. These Soul War codes give you various types of rewards. Each code has a different reward. So choose the code that reward you want to enjoy in the soul war game. Codes are listed below:

RACEREROLL2: The given code gives free race rerolls

BYAKUYA: This code gives free game cash

!code UPDATE2: This code gives free 5000 yens game cash

ANTICHEAT: This code gives free 1000 yens game cash

SPECIALREROLL2: Roblox Soul War code gives free special rerolls

SINNER: Given redeem code gives free 1000 yens game cash

!code SPECIALREROLL: The code gives free special reroll

Note: Currently, only these codes are in working condition. If the developer provides any new codes we will bring them for you.

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All Codes For Soul War Roblox [Expired]

Have a look at the expired codes of the Soul War game which is available on the internet!

!code UPDATE1 This code gives free 3000 yens game cash

!code XP BOOST This code gives a free XP boost

BUGFIXES The given code gives free 5000 yens game cash

!code 3MVISITS This code gives free 2000 yens game cash

SUB2ARICKUU This code gives free 5000 yens game cash

!code THANKYOU Get gives free 5000 yens game cash

!code ANOTHERWIPE Recieve gives a free wipe

!code 1MVISITS Get a one-hour free XP boost

These codes are given by the soul war game developers on their official social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. If you have any doubts or suggestions please let us know in the comments section. Furthermore, Is there any particular game for which redemption codes you want, let us know we will bring them to our users with the medium of this article.


If you are looking for redemption codes for other games also then visit our website and check our other posts also. Thank you for showing your interest in this article and for offering us your valuable time.

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