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Jio Maha Cashback Points Redeem Proces

Hello Friends, FreeKTricks welcoming you once to your most loving website. Here, you can enjoy daily working offers, coupon codes, the latest tricks, and discount deals. Our today’s topic is about Jio Cashback Points. Guys, if you don’t know then let me know that there is a lot of importance of Jio cashback Points. With the use of these cashback points of Jio, you can get huge discounts on online and offline shopping. If you are eager to know more about Jio Cashback Points, then this blog is very helpful for you. Here, you get to know all about Jio Cashback Points. Furthermore, in this blog, I told you the steps to redeem Free Myntra, Mcdonald’s, Domino, and many other discount vouchers. All you have to read is this complete blog!

What Are Jio Cashback Points

When you made any Recharge on My Jio App or you can do any add-on recharge, then you will be rewarded with Jio Cashback Points. These points are added to your Jio account and only be visible on your MyJio App.

How To Check Jio Cashback Points

Well, it is very easy to see your earned Jio cashback Points. Want to know how? follow the given mentioned steps!

Step 1: Open the MyJio App on your device

Step 2: Enter your mobile number for login purposes

Step 3: On the homepage of the app, go to the ‘Jio Engage’ section

Step 4: Right there your Jio cashback points will be visible on your screen along with your name

Jio cashback Points

Now, you just have to learn how to redeem these cashback points. For that, you need to read the given complete guide!

How To Redeem Jio Cashback Points & Get Free Myntra, Beardo, Mama Earth Vouchers

Friends, you can redeem Jio Cashback Points in two ways. You can redeem Jio cashback on Ajio Shopping. You can use Jio cashback points on the online and offline stores of Ajio. Else, you can use Jio cashback points by redeeming them online. You can get so many vouchers from Myntra, Beardo, Mama Earth, McDonald’s, Dominos and so many other fields vouchers. You need to follow the given steps to redeem your Jio coins

Step 1: Go to the Jio Engage section on the MyJioApp

Step 2: You can see your total earned Jio cashback points as gold coins, click on the coins

Step 3: You are on the ‘Offer Store’ of MyJioApp

Step 4: You have to choose the niche in which you want to get a discount voucher

Step 5: I choose, ‘Lifestyle’ and here I get a discount voucher from, Myntra, Biba, Marks, and Spencer, etc

Step 6: For choosing the ‘Food’ section, you can get Domino, Mcdonals

Step 7: Same as, you can visit any discount on every section like Health, Learning, and Education, Travel, Gift and Celebration, etc

Step 8: Now, I am going to redeem my coins to get Domino’s 50% Off voucher code

Step 9: Click on the offer, you want to redeem

Step 10: Make a click on the Yes button

Step 11: You can see the Congratulation message on your screen

Step 12: Check your winning section and there you get a code, which you have to paste while doing a payment

By following the given mentioned steps you can easily able to redeem vouchers on every field. You just have to follow the given steps to get highly discounted codes.

Final Lines

Dear Users, I hope this article is helpful for you. If you have any further questions related to this blog then feel free to tell us below the comment section. Thank You!

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