How To Win Every Toss In WCC3[World Cricket Championship]

How To Win Toss In WCC3
How To Win Toss In WCC3

How To Win Every Toss In WCC3| Hello FreekTricks Family! Welcome back to your most loving website where you can enjoy Gaming tricks, discount deals, and so on. I shared so many offers about Gaming freebies. And once again, I am back with another loot offer.

In this blog, I will tell you a trick by which you can get to know how to win the toss in WCC3 every time. Yes, it is possible, you can win the toss in WCC3. If you want to win the toss at World Cricket Championship every time then you just have to read each and every step every time.

Friends, World Cricket Championship 3 is an online cricket game that is very popular among gamers. This game is available on Android, Play store, and other app stores. You can download it from there. So, friends, if you want to win the toss every time then follow the given mentioned steps as mentioned.

About World Cricket Championship 3 Game

World Cricket Championship 3 is an online game which is having multiplayer with realistic graphics. This game has more than 10 million downloads and has a 4.2 rating out of 5. This is one of the best games of cricket. This blog is made to guide you on how you can win every toss in a cricket game.

WCC3| How To Win Toss in Cricket Game

Friends, In this blog, I am not only talking about the WCC3 game but every cricket game like Real Cricket, Sachin Saga, or any other game. Try the given-mentioned tricks to win every toss in the WCC3 game.

Step 1: Open the WCC3 Game on your mobile

Step 2: Start any match on the WCC3 game

Step 3: After that, when the Toss occurs, Choose ‘Heads’

Step 4: If you win the Toss then on the next match Choose ‘Tails’

Step 5: You have to repeat the process by choosing Heads and then tails on every other match

Step 6: 9 OUT OF 10 times you will win then toss, and then if you lose one toss, then follow the given steps

Step 7: Suppose you choose Tails and loss the toss then on the next match choose Tails again to win the toss and then repeat the process.

Following the given mentioned trick, you can able to win the toss 18 times out of 20 for sure.

Probability Of Heads Is More Then Tails| WCC3

Friends, after doing a lot of research I found that the probability of coming heads is 70% more than the Tails. So, when you are going to play new tournaments or any other league in WCC3, Real Cricket on any other game, you can go with the Heads on the very first match of the league tournament. In this way you can always win the Toss of every Test Matches, 50 Over Match, and so on.

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How To Win Toss On Every Match of WCC3

Guys in the above steps, I told you, how you can toss 18 times out of 20. But what about the 2 matches? Friends, if somehow you lose the toss then you don’t need to play that particular match. And your coins will not deduct. follow the given steps.

Step 1: If you lose the match, then just before the start of the innings you have to quit the match

Step 2: Go to the Menu and click on the Forfeit Match

Step 3: You have to keep in mind that no single delivery will occur, otherwise coins will be deducted

Step 4: Play another match and predict the toss again

Final Words

Friends, thank you so much for reading this blog. This is an informative blog, in which I told you about the trick to winning every toss in WCC3. Post a comment, if you have any questions related to this topic. Thank You!

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