How To Set KGF All Song Caller Tune on Jio[BGM]

Set KGF Songs as Caller Tune

Everyone is well known for the craze Rockey Bhai among the people. After the huge success of KGF now KGF 2 is also being liked by a lot of people. People want to set the ringtone and caller tune of the KGF title song, BGM song, or theme song. People are reading different types of articles to activate this caller tune, but they are disappointed. But now through this article, I am going to tell you the steps with the help of which you can make any song of KGF movie as caller tune. So, friends, if you also want to make KFG BGM Song as caller tune then you just have to follow the given mentioned steps. Guys, by doing the given steps as it is, you can successfully activate KFG songs as caller tune.

By the way, the caller is put in Jio from the Jio Savan app, but when you go to set the KGF key, you will not get the option to set the caller. This is the reason, Jio customers face difficulty in the setting up of Jio Caller Tune!

About KGF Songs Free Caller Tune

Dear users, the following songs are available to set as caller tunes. To set caller tune in Jio is absolutely free, so you don’t need to pay any rupee for activating caller tune!

  1. KGF BGM Song
  2. KGF BGM Remix
  3. KFG Title Song
  4. KGF Theme song
  5. KGF BGM 2 and all other KFG songs

How To Set KGF BGM Caller Tune in Jio For Free

Step 1: Open the Message Box of your mobile

Step 2: Type ‘ALBUM KGF‘ and send this message to ‘56789

Step 3: Within a second, you can see the number of songs of KGF in the same chatbox

Step 4: Find your favorite songs, for more song Type ‘MORE‘ and send them again

Step 5: Send ‘MORE’ till you get your favorite KGF song

Step 6: Now, you just have to type the number which belongs to the songs, and send it

Step 7: You just have to confirm your caller tune by tapping yes

Step 8: All Done! Caller tune successfully activated

Step 9: Jio Caller tune is for free and valid for 30 days

How To Set KGF Ringtone in Jio Sim

Step 1: Open Jio Savan App on your mobile

Step 2: Enter your Login details and go to the homepage of the app

Step 3: Now, search for the song like ‘KGF BGM Drill’ and play the song

Step 4: Click on the three-dot icon

Step 5: There you can see the option like ‘Set Ringtone’, tap on it

Step 6: Type yes to set Ringtone of KGF for free

Step 7: All Done! Enjoy KGF free Caller tune, Ringtone in Jio


I assure you that by following the given steps you can easily able to activate KGF songs as your caller tune and ringtone in Jio Sim. I hope you find this article useful. Thank You for visiting FreeKTricks!

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