How To Match/Like Back on Tinder For FREE 2023

Hey Friends, now we are turning into a digital era where we can order food online, make payments online book tickets online and now we can make relationships and friendships online. No No I am not talking about Facebook or Instagram, there are so many dating platforms are now available on the internet from which we can chat with people all over the world. Among all these dating apps, I prefer to use Tinder, because of its authentication, no fake profile, and highly secure database system. No matter, where you live, you can find your partner all over the globe.

How To Like Back On Tinder For Free
How To Like Back On Tinder For Free

In the Tinder Application, you can see many profiles, you can show your interest in them by making the right swipe. If you are using a basic Tinder account which is free, you get a limited number of Right swipes in a day. Also, you won’t be able to see who likes you. And frankly saying without these facility Tinder is boring. So, if you want to do fun on Tinder you need to enable all these features. So, you are going towards buying a Tinder premium account. But, the premium account costs of Tinder are very High. And, here comes my role. In this blog, I am going to tell you how you can right swipe, Match back any profile that likes you with your basic Account. This means you don’t need to pay any rupee, don’t need to buy any premium account of Tinder for like back or match back any profile. To know this method, you need to read this blog.

Basic Settings to Do For Free Like Back on Tinder

To enable the free like back feature on Tinder you need to do some settings on your Tinder profile. Follow the given instruction.

  1. First thing you should remember, that always Log in via Facebook
  2. Allow your location, so that you will get the profile nearby you
  3. On the settings enable Global
  4. Choose your maximum distance, choose at least 100KM
  5. Then, select age range of profile you want to see
  6. Verified your account.
  7. Save all the above settings and never make changes to them

Steps| How To FREE Match Back & Like Back| Tinder App

  1. On the very first step, Download Tinder App and Make Log in
  2. Following the above mention instruction, do the settings as given above
  3. Now, Go to the like and see who likes you on Tinder
  4. You can see the blurry image of that profile who likes your profile
  5. Now, you have to search that profile on Tinder
  6. For that, unlike other profiles and only match back that blurry image type of profile
  7. There is a probability of 9/10, you will get a match with the profile who likes you
  8. I made a video with proof, where I successfully match back on Tinder for free Without Tinder Gold or Platinum account, watch the video and follow the given instruction!
  9. By following the given steps, you can match back on Tinder for free
  10. Enjoy! Tinder premium features for free


So, now I am going to conclude this article on a note where I meant that now you can easily match back on Tinder for free. But, still, if you have any queries, then ask me, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and tell me your question there. Thank You!

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