How To Earn And Convert Slice Monies To Real Cash

Hello Friends, FreeKTricks welcoming you once again. we regularly serve quality content to our users. Today, I made a very interesting blog for our Slice users. Slice provides credit card services to its users. As you know, Slice becomes very popular among youth because of its offers, cashback, and Monie’s money back. Recently, Slice is introduce its Monies feature to its users. And according to these Monies, you have a chance to get bumper cashback when you are going to spend your Slice Credit Card amount by doing any transaction. In this blog, you will get to know how you can earn Slice Monies in your account and how you can convert your Slice Monies to real cash. To know you need to read this article till the end!

What is Slice Monies

Slice Monies is what, when you are making any transaction like Mobile recharge, Shopping, or any other transaction via Slice credit card or online, you will be rewarded with Slice Monies. Suppose, you spend Rs.100 via your Slice credit card, then you will be rewarded with 100 Slice Monies, which you can convert to Slice cash!

How To Earn Unlimited Slice Monies Every Month

Guys, to earn unlimited Monies in your Slice, you have to make every transaction via Slice App. All mobile recharge, any other recharge, online shopping, or such transaction will be added as Mobies. But, keep in mind, that, you will get no monies for fuel, wallet recharges, and rent payments. Also, Keep in mind, that all Mobies will be reserved if the bill is paid late or if you make installments of your bill.

How To Convert Slice Monies To Real Cash

Step 1: Open Slice App and log in to your account by entering 4 digits pin

Step 2: On the Homepage, you can see your Monthly Spends, just Swipe Right

Step 3: You are in the Rewards section, where you can see your number on Monies

Step 4: All you have to click on the ‘Let’s Go’ button

Step 5: Now you have to make a circle, by holding a point

Step 6: Click on the ‘Convert To Cash’ button

Step 7: Slice will get 1% real cash of Monies

Step 8: As you have seen in the Imagem I got Rs.76.53 from 7653 Monies

Step 9: You can save your Movies to get 2% real cash

Step 10: After clicking on ‘Convert To Cash’ your Monies Converted to Cash Successfully, the message is seen on the screen


Frequently Asked Question

Question 1: How To Increase Your Slice Balance Limit

Answer 1: All you have to pay your all bills timely and within 2 months your limit gets increased

Question 2: How To Withdraw Slice Money with Low interest

Answer 2: You can withdraw your Slice Money by paying House rent via Housing and Paytm

Final Words

Above you will get to know how you can earn and convert Slice Monies to real cash. If you find this article useful then please drop your valuable comment. Thank You!

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