How To Call Someone Without Recharge[With Unknown Number]

How To Call Someone Without Recharge[With Unknown Number]
How To Call Someone Who Blocked You

Hello FreekTricks Family! How to call someone without recharge? how to call someone with an unknown number? How to call someone who blocked your number? How to call someone with the laptop? How to call someone without a sim card? Friends, if you also have such questions in your mind then you are on the right place. In this blog, I am going to tell about the methods by which you can call someone local or STD(international call) for absolutely free without any Sim. If you want to call someone with unknown number then this article is for you. No matter, your number are blocked, then also you can make call and talk to them for free. Want to know how?, to know how to make call someone with recharge, you need to reading this complete blog. I assure you after reading the following methods, you can also able to call any other without recharge, sim card, and active plan. Stay tuned!

Requirements To Call Someone Without Sim, Recharge Plan

Here, are some requirements to create a call to anyone without sim or any other active plan!

  1. Mobile or laptop is required
  2. Active data or broadband wifi required, you can connect hotspot also
  3. No sim card needed
  4. No recharge plam required, these are the things you should required to perform this tasks!

How To Call Someone Without Money

Yes, you heard right, you can call any other across the world, without spending your talktime money without any intrupption you call initiate this call. If you want to know how, for that you just have to be with this blog, till the end.

Steps| How To Call Someone Without Recharge[From Laptop or Mobile]

Step 1: Open the Globefone website on your device(laptop or mobile)

Step 2: Now, you just have to select the call type voice call or video call

Step 3: You can also send free message

Stecp 4: Click on the ‘Voice Call’ option

Step 5: Here, you need to enter your name and then click on ‘Next

Step 6: Now, select the country where you can to make call and then enter your phone number and then click on ‘Call’ button

Step 7: You will get 2minutes for free as talktime

Step 8: After completing 2 minutes, if you want to call more then you can choose alternative websites of Globefone such as Poptox, Call2friends. You just have to repeat the same process to initiate free call to anyone for free.

Steps To Call Someone via Globefone, Poptox
  1. The most benefit of making online call is that you don’t need to pay for that
  2. You just need a active data or wifi network
  3. You can also called international for free
  4. You can call with unknown number
  5. One can send message, video call with same website

NOTE: This blog is only for entertainment purposes, use these blog as emergency call or to make prank with your friends. Do not misuse this facility otherwise legal action shout be taken on you.


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