Fiewin 100% Winning Prediction + Free Recharge

Fiewin 100% Winning Prediction + Free Recharge
Fiewin Free Recharge +Best prediction

Hello FreekTricks Family! Welcome back to your favorite website. I hope you are taking the benefits of FreekTricks latest blogs. In our blogs, you can get the latest offers, Gaming tricks, and Earning money methods. In this blog, I made complete information about Fiewin App. Fiewin is basically an online earning money platform. Users have a chance to earn loot money by playing many games on the Fiewin App. People have any questions about the Fiewin App. Is Free recharge possible in the Fiewin App? Fiewin App best prediction tricks? Fiewin app fast parity game predictions? I know, you guys have these types of questions in your mind. In this blog, I am going to tell you the free recharge tricks of the Fiewin App. Also, I give you the 100% winning prediction on the Fiewin game. You just have to read this blog till the very end. Stick with FreekTricks blogs if you are looking for the latest offers.

In Fiewin App, you can see so many games. By winning those games you can able to earn a lot of money. Have a look at the top games of the Fiewin App.

  1. Fast Parity Game
  2. MineSweeper Game
  3. Andar Bahar Card Game
  4. Crash Game
  5. Dice Game
  6. Circle Game
  7. Hilo Game

How To Download Fiewin App & Get Sign In Reward As Free Recharge

Step 1: To Install the Fiewin App on your device Click on the Download Button

Step 2: Download the App and launch it on your device

Step 3: Enter your Login details like Your mobile number and cricket on the Verification code for quick login, else you can enter your Sign up details and create a password for login via ID and password, choose any

Step 4: After that, you have successfully Logged in and got a Signup reward as free recharge

If you want to earn Fiewin App free recharges, then you just have to refer to the download link of the Fiewin App to your friends and interested ones. Follow the given steps to refer to your link!

Step 1: Open the Fiewin App and go to the dashboard of it

Step 2: Click on the Invite button which is mentioned below in the app

Step 3: Click on the ‘My Link‘ button

Step 4: Here, you need to copy your referral link and share it with your known ones

Step 5: When someone downloads the app using your invite link and recharges their account, you will get free recharge on your account

Step 6: Increase your invitation and get unlimited free recharge

Fiewin App Best Game Prediction[100% Working]

There is two popular games available on the Fiewin App by which you can make more money and these are Fast Parity Game, Andar Bahar Game. Below I give you the best prediction of these games.

1. Andar Bahar Prediction

Andar Bahar game is the one of the popular game of the Fiewin App. Read the given prediction and increase your chances of winning the game.

A. Analyise The Record & Then Play:

Record is nothing but previous results of the game as shown on the image. You just have to predict the next move by following the past trend. Now, as seen in the image, you can see Bahar is not repeating thrice. And 95% chances of Andar is repeating more then One time. So, you just have to predict the next move. “If Bahar is coming two time then you can go win Andar. And If Andar is come one time after Bahar, then you can go win Andar as well. If Andar is repeating more the two time then the chances of Bahar is more then the Andar”.

B. Check the Probability:

You just have to check the probability of Andar And Bahar by clicking on the Probability section and there when 10 seconds is left, then post your call as Anadr or Bahar.

2. Fast Parity Game Prediction Trick

Fast Parity is the most popular game which is played by then most number of gamers of Fiewin App. To win this game you have to read the given prediction.

A. Check Probability

The first and most important and easy way of this game is to go with the Probability which is shown by the game. You 7 out of 10 times this game giving the best prediction probability. So, just visit the Probability section.

B. Join The Whatsapp & Telegram Channel To Get Best Prediction:

To get the best 100% winning prediction, you have to join the Whastapp and Telegram channel which is given here. You just have to click on the Joining link and then type message I want Fast Parity Prediction. After that, Channel admin will give you best prediction of this game.

NOTE: To play games and win money in Fiewin app you have to recharge the account and for that you have to spend your money. All your money can be lost if you lose the game. That’s why we appeal to you to play these games just for your entertainment and put as much money in this game as you can afford. This post is just for information purposes, we never promote or support any online betting platform.


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