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Looking for Angry Birds 2 best Birds to unloack for free then read this blog till the end. Hello FreekTricks users, previously I gave you Angry Birds 2 codes, and once again I am here with another Angry bird offer. When talking about the best extra Birds there are many questions that arise in your mind, whether you are looking to unlock all birds in the Angry Birds 2 game? or want to know what is the best extra bird in Angry Birds 2?

I am here to answer all your questions. In this blog, I give a brief description of Extra birds. Also, I told you how to unlock all birds in the Angry Birds 2 game. If you also want to know how to unlock all birds on the Angry Birds 2 game, then you just have to read this blog till the very end. If you want to know more about this topic, be with FreekTricks!

About Angry Birds 2 Game

Angry Birds 2 game has full of character features. There are so many features of the Angry Birds 2 game, then follow the given mentioned steps!

  1. Angry Birds 2 Game is full of game levels from easy to difficult
  2. Users can play this game with high-definition quality
  3. Excellent sound quality
  4. Angry Birds 2 extra birds

What Is The Best Extra Bird In Angry Birds 2?

Hal Bird

People have many questions in their minds like which is the best extra bird in the Angry Birds 2 game. Then I want to tell you that Hal: the green Emerald Toucanet is considered as the best extra bird in the Angry Birds 2 game.

Angry Birds 2 Extra Birds Name

Have a look on names of extra birds which is available on the Angry Birds 2 game!

  1. Bubbles: This birds aldo releases a bubble in a hole and later crash the buliding of the enemy
  2. Stella: Stella releases bubbles when shoot
  3. Hal: This birds is considered as the most powerful birds among all.
  4. Leonard: The mostly liked quality of this bird is that he shoot snot in front of enemy

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How To Unlock Best Birds on Angry Birds 2

If you are going to unlock extra birds in Angry Bords 2 game, then if you are going for legit method, then there are only one method are available and which is with the medium of keys.

Keys are the way by which you can unlock the top most flocks in the game. But, now the questions arises in you mind that how to collect the keys. Friends, you can collect the keys inside the Angry Birds 2 map.

If you are going for the free methods to collect those keys, then you have to pass the level of the games. By increasing a level you caneasily able to get free keys. Later you can use it to redeem all birds on the game.

Also, you can get free keys and other rewards on the rewards section of the Angry Birds Game. You can watch videos and collect free rewards likes keys, and diamonds etc.

Above, I told you the way to get keys on Angry Birds 2 for free. Now, if you want to get keys in bulk, then you can directly purchase it from the Angry Birds 2 shop store. You can buy keys there very easily.

How To Unlock Best Birds On Angry Birds 2| Is Mod Apk Works?

People have many questions about mod apk of Angry Birds 2. There are so many articles are available about that topic. So many websites are giving you mod apk. But, no one tells you that, these apk will harm your device.

FreekTricks, never suggest you to use any mod apk. You can not enjoy the adventure of this game if you are going to use mod apk. May be or may be not, you can get free unlimited keys with the use of mod apk.

But, what, if your id got banned? So, I suggest you guys that never use such mod apk. I gave you the best possible legit method to get keys and redeem all birds on Angry Birds 2 game.


Above, I shared you all the working ways to get extra birds on the Angry Birds 2 game. Thank you very much for reading this blog till the end. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this blog then feel free to ask us below the comment section.

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